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Electricity sector association of kenya

About us

The Electricity Sector Association of Kenya (ESAK), was founded in 2019. ESAK is a member-based organisation composed of stakeholders in the electricity sector ranging from Independent Power Producers (IPPs), project developers, consultants, contractors, legal practitioners, finance organisations all working across different sub sectors of the electricity space in Kenya.


ESAK’s commitment is to have a balanced representation of Kenya’s electricity sector and conduct business according to the highest standards of ethical conduct, taking into account social and environmental responsibility and respect for stakeholders’ groups.

Our Mission

To encourage the sustainable development of the Kenyan electricity sector through collaboration, advocacy and data driven solutions.

Our Vision

To lead the Kenyan electricity sector to world class standards. 

Our Objectives

  1. To seek to influence and to provide input into the development of a favourable regulatory environment for electricity investments in Kenya.
  2. To seek to interact with all relevant government and parastatal organisations, including but not limited to the MoE, Electricity and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), Rural Electrification and Renewable Electricity Corporation (REREC) etc.
  3. To seek where relevant to interact with all relevant county governments and ministries as well as provincial economic development agencies.
  4. To seek to interact with all relevant international and multilateral entities
  5. To seek to facilitate collaboration between interested parties in the electricity sector.
  6. To engage with other organisations active in the broader fields of electricity transition, climate change mitigation or adaptation and sustainable development, including the private sector and civil society, in order to facilitate common goals and interests.
  7. To make representations and submissions regarding electricity in Kenya to relevant officials and other bodies.
  8. To facilitate research on specific issues deemed important to the electricity sector in Kenya and to publish the findings.
  9. The promotion of excellence in electricity generation, operation, transmission and distribution and in related areas of business.
  10. Providing information to government, media and the public on behalf of the electricity sector in particular and to cover cross-cutting issues pertaining to electricity generally.
  11. The provision of pertinent information to members.
  12. To ensure the activities of the association ultimately benefit the end consumers.
  13. To be at the forefront of benchmarking best practice in the electricity sector

Our core values


In order to achieve our mission and vision, the association strives to excel in our objectives and meeting our member’s interests.


ESAK aims to have a balanced representation of private sector stakeholders in the electricity sector and bring these players in one forum to discuss and reach consensus on the way forward to collectively meet their interests.


ESAK prides itself in conducting its activities with the highest integrity and holds its members accountable through its Ethics and Code of Conduct policy.


Successful transformation of the electricity sector in Kenya requires clarity in order to solve our most critical issues. ESAK will conduct its activities with openness.


ESAK promises to deliver solutions that are not only data driven but that are also sustainable for the stakeholders of the sector.


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