transforming the electricity sector

Electricity sector association of kenya


            ESAK offers its members a platform to bring awareness to their most critical pain points in the electricity sector and engage with relevant public and private stakeholders to find solutions to these issues.



            ESAK members will benefit from being part of working groups relevant to their electricity sub sectors and have a voice in shaping policy and transforming the sector through contributions and submissions on legislation and regulation.



            ESAK offers market, policy and regulatory insights on the Kenya electricity sector as well high level data across the different subsectors.



            ESAK provides its members with access to various trainings, seminars and events held in Kenya on electricity related topics.



            ESAK eases high level engagements with the electricity public sector for its members through conferences, seminars and one on one meetings.  

ESAK is funded by membership fees from its association members. ESAK’S member structure is as indicated in Figure 1.

Figure 1: ESAK’s Structure

This comprises of:-

  • Board Members

The Board’s mandate is to ensure prosperity of the association and directing the association’s activities while meeting the interests of its stakeholders. The board members are formed from members of the association, representing different working groups and membership types. The Board also forms part of the secretariat which includes the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary of the association.

  • Management Team

The management team are tasked with the day to day running of the association. The management team are the main contact points of the association. The team includes an executive officer and administrative staff.

  • Working Groups

The members of the association will be part of 3 working groups:

Generation, Transmission and Distribution and Off- Grid Electricity. These working groups are chaired by nominated team leads and are tasked to action the objectives of the association within their specific subsectors. Members can be in more than one working group.  

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    ESAK prides itself in conducting its activities with the highest integrity and holds its members accountable through its Ethics and Code of Conduct policy.

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